About The Phoenix Emporium

The Phoenix Emporium may have only opened in November 2019 but it was years in the planning.  Chrissie and Jules Aplin wanted to open a business that combined their collective skills. Chrissie having 19 years corporate banking experience and a love of numbers alongside Jules’ passion for vinyl and modern collectables.  Having run a successful online business for over 10 years, in 2016 the first Bounty Hunters stall was launched and we have since had pitches across Hampshire and Dorset, all fuelling the desire to take the next step and open our own venue.

Our aim was to open an emporium that is more a destination than just a store.  With 11,000 sq ft, the Phoenix is a spacious location that offers a home for over 100 traders as well as The Curio Coffeehouse.  Alongside this we also have a separate events area where we are able to hold our own indoor fairs, a workshop area for arts and crafts events. Plus our newly opened Courtyard where you can sit and enjoy a drink or just a break from the shopping!

With free parking on site and open 7 days a week it is easy to lose a couple of hours at the Phoenix in a relaxed environment where no two visits are ever the same.

Our staff are far more than just till operators, they all have experience of working in emporiums and understand the way they operate.  Most also run their own stalls so as well as a wealth of knowledge in their respective fields.  They also understand the needs of the traders and can offer help, advice, and a real passion for the business.

We aim to maintain a high standard across the board.  We are proud of the Phoenix and all who trade within, we love to exceed people’s expectations of an emporium and look forward to continuing to build and establish the business within the community.

A Sample Of The Kind Of Items You Might Find At The Emporium...